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Sometimes the simple things we do after lunch or at night can have a profound effect on our health Also. Most of us like to eat tea soon after meal, knowing that it can help with digestion while Some smokers are going to smoke, but will these be good to you?

After all, here are some things to avoid after meals:

1- Bath: You may have been told by an older person at home that you should not go to the shower immediately after meals. After all, having a habit of bathing immediately after meals can interfere with digestion. This is because when you take a bath or swimming activity, blood flow to your body is in use Energy, due to eating time, the body needs energy to digest food, but such bath immediately disrupt the above activities Yes.

Bathing water pulls blood out of the stomach to rest the hands and feet. To digest well, you need enough energy and good blood flow into your stomach. That's why it is recommended that you wait 30 to 40 minutes after eating and take a shower.

2. Smoking: Smoking all the time is harmful to health. It is said that if you smoke after meals, it will lead to an increase in digestive oxygen Leading the body to absorb more cancer-causing agents in the body.

Scientists have warned that smoking one after another can increase the risk of cancers such as colon cancer Lungs. Smoking is the worst thing about your health.

3. Eat Tea: For most people, a cup of tea after a meal may seem like a good idea for a healthy lifestyle. . But did you know that such habits can interfere with your body's absorption of nutrients, especially iron from food? ?

This can also interfere with digestion, as tea leaves are acids that can make protein in the foods you eat Hardening. Therefore, you should suffer after eating for 30 minutes before eating.

4. Eat Fruits: While most people are accustomed to eating fruits after meal, it's not a good idea to eat them This is because it does not provide good digestion. It is recommended to eat fruit when empty or before or after 2 hours as long as the body can Get the most out of your fruit (Source: Health.com.kh). (Edited by: Bopha)