The Management Institute of ACLEDA Bank Plc It said it was ready to teach students online to follow the instruction of the Ministry of Education Youth and sports on open learning through online learning, or distance learning.

Dr Phun Narin, Director of Acleda Institute of Business (AIB), said: “The institute invested heavily in equipment purchases and added Wifi by Arrange each room to cost tens of thousands of dollars. So far, with the notification from the Ministry of Education, Youth and Sport that public and private institutions can start their own schools. After more than a month of premature vacation. But as the crisis of the 19-year-old crisis persists, it is time to go online.

Ratanak, deputy director and chief of education, said that although this online study is new to Cambodia, the Institute of Business AIB believes in the quality of online learning or distance learning, so it does not lose its direct learning. In class Teach.

"In fact, it is an opportunity for all of our students to compete with new things that he had never done before Going through online learning, and some of the problems he faced didn't know how to solve them. So, at this point we are getting ready for the walk together and we will develop better and show the ministry that teaching online The quality is the same as the direct instruction. ”