Siem Reap: About seventh grade students from Hun Sen Svay High School, 55, 32 women Suffered from headaches, runny nose, and vomiting suspected of causing the incident to be caused by burning trash nearby The school.

Colonel Lim Sambath, Inspector of Police of Prasat Bakong District, said at 3:00 pm on January 22, 2020 At approximately 55 senior Hun Sen High School students, 32 women suffered from headaches, tears, and vomiting following teacher reports. The principal of the school was leading the kingdom Bean Station and Police Force of Prasat Bakong District Inspectorate in cooperation with Prasat Bakong District Unified Committees The chief went to the scene to intervene and referred the above students to the clinic for examination and treatment.

He added that after examining the campus, the team had placed suspicions that the cause of the accident was due to The garbage dump near the school is now in good condition with the above 55 students. Plug: Kolab