Svay Rieng: People have appealed to Kratie district authoritiesProvincial and Related Departments Please see a rich man digging a hole deep in the ground, turning the dirt into a creek At the point of O'Smach Bridge located in Phum Ta Saing, Kompong Chhnang commune, Svay Chrum district, belongs to waterway and can flood the homes of people in Ravov Shiva.

The mass protest took place on the afternoon of March 1, 2012, in Ta Saing village, Kampong Cham commune, Svay Chrum district.

According to Sen. Sarath, a male claiming to be the head of the area, the owner told him that the owner dumped the feeders on the river. At this point in time, Tep Chamreun Samdy is a senior military officer in Phnom Penh.

The source said that the land along the bank of the Waikai River, Tep Chamroeun Samdy, bought from the people of Phum Tavang and gave it to the villagers. Yes, the state is. The digging of the dug well is dug up on the old hole and then dug into the old pit to develop it as a home. Water is sold, and another piece of land can be dumped on the old land that was handed down last year, which has been approved by the relevant authorities and departments. And.

The source said: "For the people of Ta'ang Ta'ang, worried about the flooding of their waterway in their place of rainy season, he left O'Smach. This and the sediments in the deep canyon have no waterway to obstruct the waterway.

Regarding the above case, Mr. Svay Sarith, the governor of Svay Chrum district, said that this matter will be addressed to the Director of the Department of Water and Water. Provincial Governor of Svay Rieng province: Does it affect the creek land in public? And he went down to check and report to the provincial governor. Kim Savuth, director of the Svay Rieng Provincial Department of Water Resources and Meteorology, said that the dump at the point near the Osmach Bridge, Ta Saang village, was fed on feed. In the outskirts of the river and in the canals, indeed, he reported to the Governor of the province for a check. Dealing. Governor of Svay Rieng asked landlords to suspend land and set up a committee to review and measure the impact Affected, but the performance of the work is measured or achieved.

Kim Piseth, director of the provincial Department of Land Management, Urban Planning and Construction, said he was unaware of the details. The land was cleared of the creek and the landowner had a land title or a registered land title and he could not find out. Ask the magistrate, who is a magistrate with the State Commission. Regional diagnostics Village building.

According to a provincial court official who requested anonymity, the provincial governor ordered the suspension of the landslide and digging of the excavation. And, paused, do not forget that they dare to do so.

According to one expert, the delineation of the canal and feed of the canal is about 4 hectares from the base of the Osmay Bridge. To the house of the old villagers is more than 700 meters long, with a width of 2.0 meters with 4 pits. Dig to the head of the temple, please visit the Provincial Department of Mines and Energy for a visit. Could not ask for clarification from Mr. HN, in the morning of 12 March. 2 0 20 Hawaii: COR