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BEIJING, March 20 (Xinhua) – A total of 12,000 medical personnel are participating in the fight, a health ministry official said on Friday. Opposition in Hubei province, the epicenter of the virus, has left the province since Tuesday. The situation was relieved.

Guo Yanhong, an official of the National Health Commission, said at a press conference on March 20 that most of the departing doctors were workers. Temporary hospital and hospital readiness for non-serious cases.

Guo Yanhong said medical experts and paramedics are still working in Hubei province, they are still there. The mission was completed.

He added that all medical staff will be well rested after they return home and that everyone is well Also monitor the medical field closely.

In total, China dispatched 42,000 medical professionals to Hubei to meet the needs of doctors and nurses at There during the outbreak of a highly contagious virus. However, none of the 42,000 people were infected with the disease, as the National Health Commission set out several guidelines on how to protect staff The doctor will prevent hospital infections by adding a large amount of protective equipment to Hubei at that time. China's Wuhan reported today that no new cases were reported