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Phnom Penh: The committee will burn 10 tonnes of counterfeit products in Kampong Thom by the end of February About 100 tons of counterfeit goods will be burned in Phnom Penh this March.

Signing Ceremony on Memorandum of Understanding between Counter-Counterfeit Products Commission (CPP) and the Federation Cambodian Investors (Cambodian Association of Pharmacists) this morning at the Ministry of Interior at the Ministry of Interior Secretary of State of the Ministry of Interior and Chairman of the Combat Committee Anti-counterfeit products have said in the past that the counter-counterfeit committee had also cracked down on counterfeit sellers Also online.

The head of the anti-counterfeiting committee is also planning to burn down counterfeit products in Kampong Thom province, Mech Sophanna said. 10 tonnes this week for the fourth month. And in Phnom Penh, about 100 tons of counterfeit goods will be burned in early March 2020.

Regarding the perpetrator, Meach Sophanna said that the perpetrator was arrested and was arrested. Already sent to court for sentencing. He said the burning of the counterfeit products was due to a court decision. General Mech Sophanna has added the Ministry of Health and the Committee on Combating Counterfeit Products and Related Stakeholders Announces Cambodians to be very careful about buying products online.

“The Ministry of Health has been very active in working with us (the Counterfeit Products Committee). The Ministry of Health has announced that our people have to be careful about buying or buying things online because we have not seen them. How's that? When we see propaganda, we don't know if it's true or not. ”

Ley Sopheap, president of the Association of Cambodian Investors and President of the Cambodian Pharmacists Association, said the signing of the Memorandum of Understanding It's anti-counterfeit product committees and associations not only benefit consumers, but also protect legitimate investors and enterprises. D. Legitimate, honest and fair business to contribute to economic development and certainly safe. To the people of Cambodia too. Edited by: Sokhuk