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More than 10 million dogs and cats in Vietnam, Cambodia and Indonesia The head is slaughtered every year, despite the small number of locals who eat the meat.

In many cases, pets are stolen from their owners, the FOUR PAWS organization said. Dissolved, tied or poured, and eaten. To end the sustainable trade in dog and cat meat in Southeast Asia, the organization has launched a campaign on an international and national level.

Dr. Karranvikovicja, veterinarian and project manager of the Campaign to End the Trafficking of Dogs and Cats "It is very disappointing that the festival was allowed to continue by the authorities," FOUR PAWS said. They chose to be blind to this illegal activity. "It shows that China's decision to end the division of dogs as pets is apparently just a matter of saying it."

“Through work and education cooperation with local community authorities and tourism stakeholders, FOUR PAWS has had The goal is for the Southeast Asian government to introduce, enforce and enforce animal protection laws that will end the abduction of dogs and cats Kill and eat. "

FOUR PAWS is also part of the DMFI and ACPA Animal Welfare Alliance, which protects against trafficking in Southeast Asia as well as Asia for the Alliance. Animals working to promote animal welfare across Asia.

Support for the end of the brutal trade has been global, with more than 770,000 signatures since it Launched late last year. Although China withdrew dogs from its national livestock catalog by the end of May 2020, he said. Sell ​​live dogs and dogs for food, as well as a private dog festival in Yulin Ten days from 21 June 2020.

"The unhygienic conditions under which the dogs were confined and killed at the ceremony Festival can lead to outbreaks such as epilepsy and cholera as well as the spread of infectious viruses. From animal to human, like the jaundice we have already seen.

China has the opportunity to be a model country, especially in Southeast Asia, but allowing it to be celebrated It is unclear how the health risks of the dog and cat trade will be addressed.