Tokyo: The postponement of the Olympics due to the spread of the virus has put the hope of a successful year for Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe into a fight to prevent the outbreak and save the economy, but is unlikely to. According to a report from the Japanese website Theodore

Abe returned to his post in 2012, promising that Japan would return him in close association with the billion-dollar tournament. He promised that the Fukushima nuclear crisis was under control during Tokyo's bid and appeared as a Super Mario video game character at the 2016 closing ceremony.

Hosting the Games is part of Abe's campaign to attract more tourists to Japan, a pillar of economic growth. It will also achieve a goal removed from Prime Minister Nobusuke Kishi's grandfather when Tokyo won its bid for the 1964 Olympics but resigned before the event.

Now the global virus epidemic has created a romantic scenario where Abe will preside over this year's sporting events, setting the stage for leading his party to victory in the election. Following calls with the International Olympic Committee (IOC) chairman Thomas Bach and Abe, the events of July 24-9 will be reorganized in the summer of 2021.

By: Philip Philip