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According to reports, a young woman in a drunken state ran into a construction site and told She was taken to a guesthouse, but she got off her motorcycle and started screaming, helping to startle her. At 11:40 pm on June 6, 2020, at a construction site along the concrete road in Prey Village Duck 2, Chom Chao 3 Commune, Por Senchey District.

The 23-year-old was originally from Battambang.

According to the woman, she has known the woman for two years on Facebook Months ago, she had been allowed to stay with her at the scene to help her find a job For two days, a woman she knew asked her to drink in the rented room of a man in the village. This happened above.

When he arrived at the rented room, he also bought three beers for a drink To his own intoxicated, the woman escaped, leaving her with the man who owned the room.

The man then took her on a motorbike, not knowing the brand until arriving at the scene, the source said She said, "Go to bed at a guesthouse," and when she heard this, she let the man down Not stopping her, she would jump on a motorcycle.

The man immediately stopped the motorbike at the request of the victim after he stopped the woman's motorcycle Firefighting and unlocking motorbikes and running into a construction site in a state of disorientation and shouting for help Stunned, watched and interrogated and reported to the Chao 3 police station to come down to the scene to retrieve. Go and ask. (Edited by: Bopha)