ZOOMER.X motorbike driver exits home to bridgeOld Monivong then motorbikes on the back of a bridge to jump, but the villagers shouted chala, police intervened and brought Arrive at the post office for 2:00 pm on June 2, 2020 at the old Monivong Bridge at Prek Sangkats Chbar Ampov 1 Khan Chbar Ampov

The victim was identified as Chan Sok Panha, 34, who was living at his residence in Chak Angre Leu commune in Meanchey district, before a police officer stood by the police station, police said. Traffic jams at the foot of the bridge when a motorbike crosses a pedestrian, screams that a man has been swimming. The man jumped into the Mekong River and then called a fishing boat nearby for help. The man floated on suspicion of being able to swim, and brought the post office to search for his family.

Afterward, he consoled and asked for a family phone number, and gave him half an hour of sugar cane to give him a phone number. When the police came to ask, did you know Sok Panha's name? He said he was a father and responded to the police that he was wrong. Years later he returned the motorbike to his father.

By: Wisdom