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A beautiful mother of two is believed to be drinking fruit juice with water, according to Metro. Male hormones have helped to strengthen her immune system, which protects against Kovir 19.

Tracy Kiss, 32, says she hasn't had the flu for three years because of her boyfriend's semen. Times a week.

"I've found this method to be less expensive and can boost the immune system," said Tracy, a gymnast from Aylesbury. Very well adapted to the body. We couldn't find out what was in the medicine. It's good for our body to eat something chemical-free. "

"It's not much different for a nursing mother to give them a baby," she said The nutrients they need. It's not for everyone, but it's rich in vitamins and I've never had a cold since I started drinking it. By 2017. I also apply it on my face to really cleanse the skin. "

Tracy believes that drinking semen will prevent coronary heart disease 19 because she can be healthy through special diets Her.

Also, Tracy's claims are not recognized by the World Health Organization. The UK National Health Agency and the UK government have advised people to stay home to avoid the virus. Excerpt from the website: metro (Edited by: Bopha)