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Svay Rieng: A 6-year-old girl was taken by her mother to her neighbor for being busy Three young workers were abducted after being kidnapped by a military police officer May 25, 2020.

The three suspects, above all, are the first – Kim Chheang, a 20-year-old male farmer who lives in the village of Ream Cho, Svay Ta commune Vehicle of Kampong Rort District, Svay Rieng Province. 2- Kimheng male, 26, farmer, living in Ream Chor village, Svay Tuan commune, Kampong Ror district; Freshman male escaped.

According to provincial fire officials, the incident occurred at 8 am on May 24, when the girl's mother was injured. He filed a complaint with the provincial police, alleging that the three men had allegedly raped his daughter. On May 18 and 22, 2020.

After receiving the complaint and permission from the commander, the provincial military police ordered the force, the provincial police officer said. Gendarmerie police conducted a search until 10:30 am at Ream Chor village, Svay Tuan commune, Kampong Ror district. Two suspects were brought to the Svay Rieng Provincial Police Department for questioning, while Kim Fresh escaped.

In May, according to police, the victim said that her mother took She sent her grandmother home and went to work in the factory and then bought a cake near the house Then the cake came back.

The source said that at that time, Heng also called himself a water bath. In the shower, the name of Heng wanted to abuse her, but did not decide, and Heng did not tell anyone. He did not respond and he walked back into his house, and Heng followed Then he came into the house.

According to the source, as Heng entered the house, Grandma allegedly stabbed her three more times He also told the same prohibition as before, and then he did not dare tell anyone. He then went to the back of the house to look after his sister, and was lying on the hammock in the back of the house. And put her on the bed under the house and then raped her, then she dared not scream because of fear His name was Chiang until the evening his mother came home.

The girl also confirmed that one day she did not remember the day, Kim Fresh took her bath. In the pool, he also raped her.

Military officials said that following the confession of the two suspects, they actually did. Sexual assault: Exactly victimized girl.

The two suspects have now been sent to the provincial court to take legal action. Another suspect, cops, is seeking arrest and prosecution. (Edited by: Bopha)