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Nigerian woman gives birth to twin boy, girl 68 years old

Margaret Adenuga has undergone three artificial insemination (IVF) in the past. Only this time, he decided to have twins. Her husband Noah Adenuga, 77, told CNN that they have been married since 1974, intending to have children. A long time ago.

The babies were born via cesarean section at the age of 37 weeks on Tuesday. At Lagos University Hospital (LUTH), but the hospital has only recently been made public.

"Experts were gathered at the hospital to monitor the pregnancy because Grandma's age. As an elderly woman and a first-time mother, it's a high-risk pregnancy because of her Twins. But we were able to manage his pregnancy successfully. ”

Also, last year, a 73-year-old Indian woman gave birth to twins safely after she had a baby. Pregnancy through IVF is reported to be the oldest in childbirth. (According to sources from edition.cnn.com)