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Mondul Kiri Province – For 11 days, a wild elephant entered the Ouk village, in the village of Roma, the capital Monorom causes damage to village house by elephant attack Go to sleep at home for fear of danger to age
Life. Remember: Anti-drunken elephants do not allow wild elephants to cohabit

Authorities said between April 21 and May 1 were 11 days in the wild. Came to her in the village. When it first arrived, there were four elephants in Kratie village, Poum Thmey village, near Romanea, near the border. Oral mouth.

Authorities said that after the elephants tried to contact the local elephants for several days, they walked away from Pum Thmey village. Cut through the jungle and plantation to Pu Trum (Domrei village) until it reaches a damaged village The back. Prum Vibol Ratanak, director of the Keo Seima Wildlife Sanctuary, said the officials had not yet taken any further action. Only keep an eye on its activities.
In this case, other than simple methods, there is nothing else to do. However, on May 1, Koh Santepheap could not be confirmed by the provincial environment department.

Mondul Kiri is a mountainous area with large wildlife, say authorities, especially the department Prepare for possible preventive equipment. And more than 10 elephant organizations have no way to prevent this. It is remembered that during 2017, an elephant was killed because of a gunshot wound. This is a traumatic experience as Cambodia has rarely been killed because of the lack of clear intervention from stakeholders.