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Phnom Penh: HE Dr. Mam Bunheng, Minister of Health, on the evening of June 25, 2020 reiterated his appeal. Further, we urge all citizens to take preventive measures to prevent the spread of the HIV-19 virus. Kov-19 can also lead to death.

His Excellency Dr. O Vandin, Secretary of State and Spokesperson of the Ministry of Health of the Kingdom of Cambodia, said that the report The World Health Organization (WHO) estimates that nearly 10 million cases of coronary heart disease on June 24, 2020 Nearly half a million people have died. The death toll was largely due to the severity of the influenza virus in the patient's respiratory tract. The V-19, which makes it difficult for patients to breathe, exasperates the respiratory system and provides respiratory support. The inability to breathe on his own, and death and shortness of breath.

If this is the case (as shown in the attached photo), the doctor may be difficult to help Salvation, and most of all, is not save.

Therefore, only the protection against the virus Kov-19 can save an individual from Serious worsening of Kov-19 virus on the respiratory organs leads to death.

Continued implementation of protective measures, especially avoiding crowding out in closed spaces with air conditioning More and more, no air should be worn, if necessary, always clean hand hygiene and maintain social security and individual safety gaps One and a half meters is necessary, which must be carried out during the second wave of the virus This V-19 ៕