Phnom Penh: On March 30, 2020, the DK Branch Officer, Phnom Penh With the cooperation of Phnom Penh Municipal Trade Department officials and district authorities, the alcohol quality monitoring, survey, sale and sale Test kits-19 are available in 95 pharmacies in 12 counties in Phnom Penh.

The purpose of the transaction is to observe that there are currently some pharmacy or business owners taking the opportunity to sell counterfeit alcohol, hand gel Testing for Kovite-19, with no clear production source and high mass sales, exploits excess profit regardless of the impact Consumers while Cambodia As well as countries around the world are facing danger of the spread of the virus COVID-19.

As a result, specialists found a number of pharmacies in the business of selling counterfeit alcohol (methanol): 38 L. After that, DK Branch Officers made a record and confiscated them for further proceedings.

In the meantime, the specialists have asked the businessmen not to take advantage of the opportunity to sell their hands-on massage products and alcohol. Excessive profits and call on people not to buy alcohol products without a clear label and source to avoid buying counterfeit or inferior products. Uses that lead to infestation Health & Life ៕ By: Kolab