On June 8, a fine young male batsman was releasedBack to its natural habitat in the Sre Pork Wildlife Sanctuary, a protected area under the control of the Mondulkiri Provincial Environment Department and Supported by WWF.

After examining and analyzing the health of the bats, they were given appropriate treatment and care over time Two days ago, to save it from severe fatigue and stress caused by high levels of myopathy.

On June 5, a local community resident in Mondulkiri province's Pouy district reported to provincial law enforcement One of the animals was found to be sick or injured at the village site, which borders the natural forest.

After arriving at the site and receiving the bison from reporters, law enforcement team of Department of Environment and WWF staff Initial inspection and initial analysis with the active participation of veterinarians from the Department of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries .

In addition, the team also offers medical consultations with experts from the Angkor Center for Biodiversity Conservation and other veterinary agencies Well.

As a result, experts concluded that the shark was dehydrated and had high levels of stress but no injuries. . Therefore, the team provided him with food and water and provided essential treatment and continuous care until the experts had specified it The shark is in good health and is able to return to the wild.

By: Kolab