Lieutenant General Seth, deputy chief of police and police chiefPhnom Penh Inspects the Office of Planning and Expertise of the Police Commissariat for the Cleanliness and Clean Environment To prevent and prevent the spread of the HIV virus 19

In addition, the commissioner advised all plans to prepare masks and alcohol to be provided to officials in specialized offices.

On Monday morning, March 23, 2020, a team of technicians arrived to spray the disinfectant at the Phnom Penh Police headquarters.

Officials and police of the Phnom Penh Municipal Police Office of the Ministry of Health to disseminate knowledge of COPD 19 and spray anti-virus Office of Police Officers' Offices and Auditoriums in Phnom Penh Prevention of infectious diseases, respiratory, COR 19 in order to avoid contracting this terrible disease. While COPD 19 is seen as raging in many parts of the world, the death toll is staggering. Worried. In Cambodia, COPD 19 is also suffering.

Surrounding the implementation of the CAVI 19 measures, Lieutenant Colonel Lieutenant National Police and Deputy Chief of Police Phnom Penh Capital has put a high priority on the well-being of police officers under the task of maintaining security, order and social safety in Phnom Penh and implementing Following the announcement from the Commander-in-Chief of the National Police, Gen. Naw Savoeun also advised the police officers of the Phnom Penh Municipal Police. All hygienic procedures must be followed before entering the workplace, washing their hands and alcohol or shampooing must be always hygienic at work and in health checks; Regular its use in heating. Suspended at large meetings, seminars or workshops. The Office of the Ministry of Health has issued a public consultation on measures to prevent the spread of COPD 19 in units of the Phnom Penh Municipal Police. All police officers are aware of and participate in the most effective measures to prevent the disease.

According to the CDC, as of 10 am on March 23, 2020, we had identified a total of 86 cases of COVID-19. . So far we have treated two people, one Chinese and one British. We have found no evidence of community outbreaks yet, but the possibility exists.