Police in Sen Sok district arrested a suspect The Lexus 200T stole the car and went to a garage repair shop and seized a lexus 200t without the license plate that the suspect had dispatched. The governor of Por Sen Chey district, where the crime was committed;

On January 20, 2020, at 13:20 pm, the Kokang District Police Station cooperated with the Director General of the Penal Code Inspected at a car repair shop in Trapeang Svay village, Kokang commune, Sen Sok district, and arrested one of the owners, Sreng Meng Sreng, male, A. The 27-year stay in the garage above cases involving missing vehicles on either Deut Chao Por Sen Chey district and confiscated 1 car brand Lexus 200t without a license plate.

The suspects and the evidence are now being sent to the Prasat Secretariat and the Department of Criminal Investigation for further work. ៕ By: Intellectual