Photograph: Pha Lina / Phnom Penh Post Phnom Penh Municipal Court Prosecutor Accused of Sub-Provincial Court Judge Su Arafat and Oknha Seng Than for Intentional Damage and Abduction Unfair and bribery and bribery charges after ACU brought to court on Monday About 5,000 hectares of land graft in Kratie district, Battambang.

After a full day of questioning, deputy prosecutor Soeun Moniroth made the charges, said Kuch Kimlong, a spokesman for the Phnom Penh Municipal Court. Following the arrest of two tycoon Thaksin, the charges are for intentionally destroying and defrauding and bribery.

Mr. Surapharith, the deputy governor of Battambang province, was charged with two counts of the same offense: intentional destruction and disorderly conduct, and Bribery charges. “Accused and sent the case to the investigating judge to take legal action,” he said.

According to Kuch Kimlong, after a formal questioning, Judge Im Vannak decided to temporarily detain the two accused. Procedures.

Oknha Sakorn, who has taken over 5,000 hectares, or about a quarter of the total land area, was taken by the ACU. Inquiries into a land graft case this evening on 27 June. Sou Araphat, the deputy governor of Battambang province, who was the chairman of the provincial committee for land dispute management in Kralanh district, was brought to the ACU office. Phnom Penh at dusk on July 1, 2020.

In the case of corruption, Prime Minister Hun Sen on June 27 issued a sub-decree terminating Mao Sokhan from the governor of the district board Also in Battambang. But he was not charged or brought in for questioning.

Transparency International's Executive Director, Pech Pisey, applauded the actions of the Anti-Corruption Unit as well as the government for taking action on corruption cases in the district. This exaggeration. He added that this is a step towards better enforcement as he would like to see the institution continue to take action on all officials who have been involved. Committing corruption, whether small or large.

“If there is any doubt that those individuals are involved in crime, corruption, etc., there must be action taken and we welcome and Encourage fair law enforcement, no matter how big or small, no matter what the poor are involved in corruption.

According to Mr. Pisey, Cambodia is still in a bad position with regard to corruption because corruption in the country Thumbnail and thumbnail continue to occur daily. He expects that all government activities, especially the Anti-Corruption Unit, must be disseminated, educated and actioned without exception. Some amendments to the law have been made.

“We see people that he wants to report corruption, he is afraid to report because the law says if If he reports it wrong, he may get a lawsuit that will make it less likely that people will report it. If possible, we would like to amend this place. ”