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Siem Reap Provincial Health Department confirms a Khmer man infected with HIV in the afternoon of March 23 19 After returning from Malaysia, the HIV-negative 19 results have now been tested.

So far, the state of Siem Reap provincial health department, Dr Koss Sarath, said on the morning of March 23, 2020. Two of the 19 Kovit loaders in Siem Reap were in good health. “The case of a 38-year-old Cambodian man who has been infected by a Japanese man has been tested "Seventeen times and as a result are still positive, 19 viruses are small, but the number is small." Doctors hope to be negative in the near future as another Cambodian man becomes infected with the virus 19 After returning from Malaysia, now undergoing the first console test, negative Kiwi results This is March 19th and will be taking the second console test again.

If the second test is negative it means he is recovering from COVID-19. He will be able to leave the hospital and continue working at home. For the case of Cambodian workers who have returned from Thailand, specialists in cooperation with local authorities closely monitor their health The government has ordered him to be kept indoors for 14 days.

"Those who had been in contact with the Kovid 19 patients and the suspect came to the test until There are now 172 people, and as a result, all of them have 19 infections. He stressed that people are now more aware of the need to cooperate with preventive measures. The doctor in case of doubt.