Kompong Speu provincial police chief Sam Samoun wrote On Facebook, Facebook on March 14, 20, "9 hippies are proficient at hacking motorbikes on Street 14 40 (Chbar Mon) – Krang Chak) has been turned over by the police and the police are making a case to the court. ”

The contractor also confirmed that the nine hawks were living in Ponhea commune, Kompong Speu district, Kampong Speu province. After the urine test, 5 showed positive results (substance).

Please note that police force cracked down on the group on the night of March 11, 2020, while they were trying to rob a motorbike from a citizen who was cooking food. In Chbar Mon city, he rode home on a motorbike. Police are building the case to court.

With two indications, Provincial Commissioner General Sam Som Samnang at 15:30 pm March 13, 2020 Provincial Police Police Force led by Colonel Ek Khut Sophal, Inspector of Police, Phnom Penh Post The Poipet administration police included the information leading up to the detention The number 9:
1- The name of 18-year-old male
2 – MacNakim, male, 24 years old
3- Khom Sophon, male, 18 years old
4-year-old Cardinal Manon
5 – Chak Kim Hour, male, 17 years old
6 – Nhem Moeun Ratha, 19 years old
7-year-old Phal Dara, male, 23 years old
8-year-old Long Piseth (male, 23)
9-year-old Keo Rithyak, known as 21 year old male tattooist, suspects in the village of Beung and Angkor village, Pong commune, Samrong Tong district, Kampong Speu province.

In response, one of the nine suspects replied that they had made a plan to have them ride their motorbikes behind him. Victim and with sword knife make victims look scared and pull their sword on the victim In fact, a group of men, identified as Seng Ratha, were 23 years old Seng Nget, male, 21 years old, living in the same village, while victim was riding a motorbike white Bea t white, wearing a badge Dishes 1Q.7064 from Cooking Soup Heng restaurant in Kompong Speu market, when arriving in front of Hoeree's house, St 1440 Beng village, Ponna commune, Samrong Tong district, they motorbike on a motorbike after towing For the victims and to recreate the swinging motorcycle overturned.

During this operation, the authorities confiscated four motorbikes, two swords and three razors. Yue and his accomplices responded that the group had actually been robbing motorbikes and chasing down victims. In addition, there were drug tests conducted among them 9 to 5 positive tests found drugs.

Currently, after the inquiry, the case has been sent to the prosecutor of the Kompong Speu Provincial Court to proceed with: Intelligence