Koh Kong: Local authorities say there is a vehicleThe number 1701002 falls in the village of Seth, Smach village, Koh Sdach commune, Kiri Sakor district, Koh Kong province, on January 17, 2020.

So far, the cops are working on the siege, with no victims yet. Spy from the side of Phnom Penh for review.

Sok Cheng, commune chief of Koh Leach, confirmed that until 12 noon on January 17, 2020, authorities Work around the guardrail in the area where the drone has not been touched No wait for the spy from the Ministry to come down to check on him.

He said that the fall was on the field, so it did not affect the lives See, the horn is huge, with a wingspan of 9 meters (4 feet) long and 4 meters wide. . It has no weapons or ammunition, and, according to unofficial estimates, it may Come and investigate what this landscape looks like.

In this case, Lieutenant General Samkit Vienn, Koh Kong provincial police chief, confirmed that the case is being investigated and verified to see if it is your right. Which.

Lt-Gen Samkwien added that there was a company called New Addict, however, it was waiting for the skills from Ministry of Interior to cooperate. The Provincial and Related Departments look into the search for the missing drone.

The Koh Kong provincial police chief confirmed that the plane had crashed in the middle of the jungle, not harming people or animals.