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Saniniu Laizer, a Tanzanian miner, according to media reports in several countries. A Zhanian man became a millionaire overnight after selling two big Tanzanite gems for $ 3.4 million. Both are the largest gems in the country.

Both stones weigh 9.2 kilograms and 5.8 kilograms, and Lérez found it last week before Sell ​​it on Wednesday.

Lizzer, the father of more than 30 children, told the BBC he planned to take the money To build his supermarket and community school in Simanjiro, a neighborhood in Manyara.

"I want to build a school near my house," he told the newspaper. There are many poor people in the area who cannot afford to send their children to school.
"I am not highly educated, but I like good management. So I want my kids to run their businesses as well. ”

Surprisingly, despite the fact that he had made millions, he said he would continue to feed Take care of his 2,000 cows and he will slaughter a cow to celebrate himself and celebrate a great feast.

Tanzania's President John Magufuli congratulated Lizzer over the phone and congratulated Saying that these two gems show the benefits of having miners and showing them to the world Tanzania is a rich country.