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British millionaire Philip Davies, 50, was banned for at least six months Also, he had to drive too many times over and over again. But he recently broke the ban and is still driving to get his 13-year-old son to rehearse Football.

The tycoon claimed he was suffering a lot because his son could not use public transportation to get there. Travel from his nearly $ 2 million home in Cheshire to a training facility that is about three hours in total Travel back and forth.

His lawyer told the court that Mr Davis's company would suffer if he could not drive his car He needed a vehicle every time he had to travel to his business around the country.
The lawyer added that Davis has been a husband for 18 years and has two sons 17 years old and 13 year old brother.

His eldest son had to be sent home from school and home from school while engaging in extracurricular activities Other studies. He also has a youngest son with a football background and a two-year contract with the Burnley FC Football Training Institute.

"Many people, when they come to court, always say they will lose their jobs, their happiness, and their happiness," he said. The ability to pay for water and electricity if they can't drive, but in this case it's even worse. If the driving was banned, his son would not be able to fulfill his dream. ” Excerpt from the website: metro (Edited by: Bopha)