A man with autism decides to endA life-threatening illness erupted on a building, crashed into a car and seriously injured people, calling for an ambulance. At 7:15 pm on March 7, 2020 at the ECC Center Building on the Norodom Boulevard in Village 10, Sangkat Tonle Basac, Khan The plantation.

The victim was Sin Sareth, 29, who was living at his hometown village, Toul Kroo village, Kikir commune, Kien Svay district, in the aftermath of the accident after an ambulance accident Meanchey was transported to Calmette Hospital.

Sources of the brother, Sin Tola, 35, a restaurant owner, told police that his brother had a mental illness for two years. And also no wife and children, and once a month to open medicine at the Khmer Soviet Friendship Hospital and have no idea why. It was not until Phnom Penh when it was discovered by police Her brother committed suicide by calling his brother on the phone and the case was not filed against anyone. His brother jumped himself and damaged another car and apologized for no money. The black Toyota AlF wore the license plate number BF-0127.

Police said the case, based on a man suffering from a mental disorder, jumped from the sixth to the sixth. The car below crashed into a car, injuring the victim and his ambulance to Calmette for help. The family has now arrived at the hospital and the victim's family has not complained to anyone, and the owner of the car has not complained. For any compensation, the victim would only request the vehicle to be repaired. By: Kolab