A man suspected of drunken driving was driving as fast as a steering wheel and hit a dragon's headSplits on the road, causing more than 70 meters of damage, causing the shock of the hour. 9:20 pm on April 12, 2020 along National Road 5 in Toul Sangke Commune, Russey Keo District, Phnom Penh Phnom Penh.

According to sources, they found a car ford ranger wildtrak red pigment bearing RCAF 09 2-8057 driving A man suspected of drunkenness was traveling from south to south at high speed as he arrived at the scene. The dragon's head split across the road, causing more than 70 meters of damage The crop, while the trigger Kong car broke down from the car brand car to lose in this case no one was injured.

After the incident, local authorities arrived and the scene was measured for the car that was stored in the traffic control office. Phnom Penh waits for car owners to get legal settlement ៕ By: Wisdom