A man has died in a bicycle accident Disobedient to Priority, Accused of Car Accident after Death After Transfer to Hospital in Svay Rieng Province From 17:45 pm on 1st April
2020 Between Truckers, Factory Workers, and Wheels (opposite directions) on Interstate 114 in the Village of Vegetable, Sangkat Svay Rieng, Svay Rieng City.

Authorities said: Green passenger bus wearing Phnom Penh license plate 3B 4153, driving by male name Preap Sarim, 54, living in Chambak Koy village, Chamlong district Svay Rieng province driving from the wreck to the sink (driver fled the scene leaving the vehicle), the car suffered minor damage. The cyclist, Suos Sok Men, 35, a resident of Mephle village, Svay Rieng town, Svay Rieng city, Svay Rieng province, was injured from his wheelchair. Died after being treated at Svay Rieng Hospital. How to Save at Inspector of Svay Rieng Authorities have confirmed the reason why cyclists did not respect the right to cause death.