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One time, a man named Chully, who was in the city of Sisowath, saw the Buddha as a god, and his heart began to grow cold. Stuck in the image of the Buddha, he just wants to look complacent. The Buddha would become his wife and the man would leave the house and go to the Buddha's house. When vegetarian, when he does not study the Dhamma, there is no way to look at the Buddha's image.

Only when the Buddha's teaching-based material is old, he has the mantra! If you look at the Dhamma, you only see the Dharma. You see the Dharma. The Dhamma is called the Dhamma, and the Dhamma is the Dhamma. You get out of here.

The bhikkhus, hearing the Buddha's expulsion, became so distraught, cried, and marched up the mountain. What more would I live if I saw the Buddha and died rather than live and be ready to throw myself down from the grave? On top of the mountain, die.

At that moment, God knows, and He acts as if He were going to be in the presence of a monk, and He gives The Sermon of the Sermon on the Occasion of the Sermon on the Fly Wisdom is also evident in the truthfulness of the truth Arohat defilements of the world.

It is perfectly possible to eat in a country worthy of Buddhism, as mentioned above. That's the original. San Sarin