Stung Treng: Inspector General of the Siamese Pang Pang said that 176 familiesEvicted and burnt down a house, accusing the owner of being a sorcerer and the landlord not trying to move the house under contract. The title of the job was to escape.

Nearly 200 families burn to burn house while family blames completely on fire One says that sorcery. The incident occurred in Keng Nai Village, Seong Commune, Siem Pang District, Stung Treng Province, on February 4, 2020.
According to sources from Siem Pang district, many people have been carrying axes to dismantle their axes. One of the houses was made of bamboo, a roof, a metal roof, 6 meters wide and 7 meters wide, according to villagers. The 67-year-old family in the family has been practicing witchcraft.
176 families protested at the demolition of the house, which was named Lambpak, and set it on fire. According to the January 22, 2020, communal authorities' memorandum, with the participation of Pat. The deputy governor of the district is a representative of the name of William Peak and the people involved in witchcraft.

The name of the name, Peak, was promised before authorities and villagers to demolish their house. Villagers have said that until the day they escaped, they did not know where to go with their wife, who did not fulfill their promise. In the villages, they all dismantled and burned. On the house, residents found firearms, fishing nets and a machine gun. By: Wisdom