Phnom Penh: The Department of Antiquities and the Ministry of Ancient Construction says that A lion carving in the 13th century Bayern style structure was discovered during the excavation studies of the structure of the river. Celebrate the Feast of the Temple.

On Monday, the 10th of the month of the white collar month, born on February 3, 2020, during a research study on the structure of the water column. List of monuments of the Temple of Batsanak before the installation, Technical team of the Department of Protection and Conservation of Monument found A lion is in the saddle style The 13th ARV was buried in a depth of about one meter. In order to protect the safety of the recently discovered lion, the department has been closely cooperating with the police in the cathedral tradition. Constant guarding.

It should be highlighted that after the water damage has been found, the Ministry of Culture and Fine Arts has approved Report to the Technical Officer of the Department of Prostitution and Conservation of the Arboretum to the Director General of the Ministry of Culture and Culture Artistic works preservation and repair to promote aesthetics Quality of construction is a water re-use. The conservation and rehabilitation of the water port is funded by the generous support of the late Chief Minister Oknha Mao Kheman Yan. By: Columbus