One lucky mobile subscriber, Meng Kang, wins $ 100,000 from Cellcard by simply sending a 10k SMS to 8888 to win the daily prize.

The Cellcard Team on March 1, 2020, traveled to the home of one of their clients, Meng Kheang, a civil servant at the Kampot Provincial Education Department, at the address of Yuthaputov, Chumkiri District, Kampot Province. $ 100,000. On this occasion, Meng Kheng was overjoyed to have won a huge sum of cash from Cellcard up to US $ 100,000, making him and his family very happy.

According to Cellcard, bringing home the lucky draw to customers now is a clear demonstration of the true fraudulent rewards to customers By Cellcard.

The prizes are made with no fraud for Cellcard subscribers who participate in the lucky draw with "SMS to Win Daily Winners", in which the company will be able to rotate the 6-digit lucky code to find them. The lucky winner wins $ 10,000 and up daily from 6pm on the channel via Cellcard Cellcard Actual.

Please note that CellCard has continued to provide prizes throughout the provinces, subscribers who have supported and used the number one mobile phone service in Cambodia. Cellcard users will continue to play with the "SMS to win $ 10,000 daily!"

To win $ 10,000 everyday from Cellcard you simply send "10K" and send to "8888" or call to "8888" and you will receive an SMS back. Back up with the lucky code and save the message for verification. By: Darth