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Mondulkiri Provincial Court of First Instance in the afternoon of March 1, 2020 issued a temporary detention order. A man charged with clearing an area of ​​forest, clearing a forest for taking possession of land under Article 62 and Article 56 is a Class 4 natural resource offense The law on protected areas.

The accused, 20-year-old Chheng Leang, now lives in Chhlou village, Sro Hu commune, Koh Nhek district, Mondulkiri province. Officials from Mondulkiri Wildlife Sanctuary's wildlife sanctuary immediately arrested as he was acting. Use a wagon for the purpose of removing dirt Rider belongs.

After arrest, Sre Pok Wildlife Sanctuary officer confiscated one vehicle for temporary storage At the Environmental Impact Office, the area under investigation, and officials have been working on a case of natural resource crime. (Editing by: Thida)