Kompong Speu: Police in Kompong Speu province have reported heavy menOne man, Phany Hak, was driving a luxury sedan over the limit, and when he was arrested by the police for fines, he shouted, insulted and told him Flashlights don't look at FROD WILDTRAK 2020 at all.

It was 13:50 in the afternoon of Friday, March 13, 2020 on National Road 4 at the Central Lighting Point. Provincial Public Works Department, Road Traffic Police, Kompong Speu Province Applying the Road Traffic Act, meanwhile, there was a car ford White wearing a license plate number 2BJ-6 5 75 Driving by a male named Phay Hak, a 30-year-old male resident of Kraing Chek village, Kraing Chek, Srauk Udong, Kampong Speu province. In the westbound traffic direction, the speed limit in the city is 40km / h. At that time, however, he seemed to drive at 90 speed Per hour, speedometer.

Upon arrival at the traffic light control station, the provincial police department ordered the ambulance to arrive. Alerts and instructions regarding traffic laws are being ordered by the driver of the vehicle Dropping down, shouting at the police who were driving the car saying, "It's OK Green indicates how forward the kingdom is crazy to let the car go back and forth. The victim, named Phak Hak, descended from the opening of the gate to the police commanding in front of the car. Seeing the uneasy situation, the traffic police went in to facilitate him driving to the side of the road. So, to explain and get him to check on the speedometer, the perpetrator is still stubbornly not going to give that explanation. No, shouting and pulling a cellphone, the intervention rang the back of the back to order the police to apologize and said Don't know us! !
As a result, the police stationed at the above target complained to the police for the arrest of the car and the man (the alleged perpetrator). Report) brought to the Commissioner of the Provincial Government of Kompong Speu to take legal action.

The man behind the test was found to have 0.73 liters of alcohol per liter of air for evidence and drivers. Holding a Blessings at the Road Traffic Office This guy is really an alcoholic Told Freelancer 20 19 that 2020. Dear citizens, please join us in obeying the land traffic law for Cambodia.