Stung Treng: Gambling Location Has Horse Throwing Cards Illegal tiger, located in the village of Regenteol in Stung Treng town on the evening of June 27, 2020 The Light Police of Stung Treng police have cracked down, causing the gamblers to escape to the shadows, leaving behind only motorbikes and equipment. Play some games.

Authorities said the seized items include 11 motorbikes, 8 cards, two balloons and one floor bag. 1 balloon bowl, 2 horse dice and 1 horse horse, floor and 16 horses, 4 hungry pens and 4 rugs Leaked a balloon, 73,500 riel, 3 blankets, 14 pairs of shoes, and players escaped. That's all.

Currently, the above evidence has been prepared by the Criminal Police Office to file a case with the Stung Treng Provincial Court.By: Sokhom