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Kompong Cham: A fire engulfed the plantation of Maiak, spreading from place to place at 12:50 pm February 24, 2020 at Thmey Village, Kroch Commune, Prey Chhor District, and it is not until 5 pm that firefighters can handle the situation. The disaster caused serious damage About 20 hectares of land by February 25, Forestry Administration and authorities are on the lookout for recruits. Those bees.

Prey Chhor district deputy governor Kim Borady said that when the fire broke out, the forest plantation above. Immediately down there, in cooperation with the police, the fire truck rushed out Spraying interventions as well.

The deputy governor of the district said that the total of 68 hectares of forest plantations is owned by Forestry Administration official, Mr. Tayy Chan. The fruit has been planted for many years, some with the size of an adult or more Some of them are small On the spot, a fire suddenly spread from one place to another.

Local people rushed to report to the police to intervene fire truck to fire water to spread the fire. Authorities cooperated with the residents, who put out several hours of firefighting. It was over 5 pm so it was all over The whole situation, the fire was not Richard continued.

The fire affected about 20 hectares of maize, and small trees were able to die down and large trees were never let up. No matter when the rainy season comes, the rains will grow green. .