Phnom Penh: Friday, February 21, 2020, Ministry of Public Works Transport Minister Sun Chanthol led the discussion on the evaluation of the feasibility study of smart digital technology for management. Automatically track overloaded vehicles.

The meeting was attended by the leaders of the Ministry of Information and Public Relations and the Secretariat of the Permanent Coordinating Committee of the Transportation Management Committee. Overweight limit.

The Senior Minister reiterated the importance of integrating smart technology in improving the monitoring and reporting mechanism. Automatically all overloaded vehicles are restricted to relevant authorities to ensure premature aging and minimize accidents Traffic during the Industrial Revolution 4.0.

Heang Sotheath, director of IT and public relations department, briefed on the results of the study of the new IT system More than a year ago, under the direction of HE Senior Minister. The project is being studied in three main stages, with an AI (Artificial Intelligence Camera) and an Weigh In Motion Sensor. Route to know the weight of vehicles passing by and signal before the vehicle arrives at the station as well as modernize the vehicle management and fines management system. Ensure the countryside Efficiency, transparency and accountability to weigh heavily restrict implementation of the Road Traffic Act.

The Senior Minister advised all stakeholders to push for the project to be operational at some stations by the end of the first half of 2020. Prior to the official launch of 28 stations across the country. By: Kolab