Kratie: An in-law son-in-law improvises explosivesPaw shot in bottle in an attempt to kill father and mother-in-law He was arrested and arrested by local authorities.

Sambo district police said that on July 6, police arrested a man immediately in connection with the murder. Attempt to kill while the perpetrator was improvising explosives-making explosives in a bottle in an attempt to kill Father and mother-in-law in the house in Phum Kompong commune, Kbal Domrei commune, Sambor district Another 7 year old male.

The suspect, 42-year-old Thida, is a widower.

The culmination of this case was because of the angry user's father-in-law accusing him of divorcing him. Wife more than two years ago by both parents.

Sambo district police chief Lieutenant Colonel Yeat Thach confirmed that the suspect had attempted to refurbish explosives in order to kill them. Two in-laws have failed. And the explosives, which he modified in a bottle, were detonators with the quality of life.By: Kolab