Photograph: Pha Lina / Phnom Penh Post Man accused of killing one of two friends in Battambang court sentenced to life in prison yesterday Pleaded guilty before a Court of Appeal judge and asked the judge to reduce the sentence.

Sorn Pov, 29, told the judge at trial yesterday that he was a drug user on the 11th. In April 2014, he and his partner Sok Chan, 28, had been drinking in Svay village, Boeng Raing commune, Kamrieng district, 2014. While drinking, Sok Chan told him to call his victim, Ly Sovannarith, a moneylender to meet them. They have to go and buy drugs and smoke.

After the meeting, Sok Chan called the victim. After the victim came to the appointment, he and Sok Chan offered the victims a chance to buy them drugs As the motorbike approached a quiet area near a road and near the pond, Sok Chan carried a ready stone against the neck. Of the victim. However, the victim stopped the motorbike, but grabbed the victim's two hands And let Sok Chan beat him to death.

"We kill them just for the property and we are already planning to kill the victim," he said.

After they killed the victim, they took some money, a necklace and a gold ring and dragged the victim to Drop in the pond to turn the cops on, and they kill the victim to silence, because to let the victim live is Of course, the victims will sue the authorities to arrest them N. After residents found the body in the pond, they reported it to Boeung Reang commune police, who initially thought the victim was. Drowning After Dismissing A Murderer And A few days later, authorities arrested him at Sok Chan Escape.

The case was heard by the Battambang Court of Appeal on June 29, 2016, each sentenced to imprisonment. 1 life under the charge of premeditated murder under Article 200 of the Penal Code and ordering the arrest of Sok Chan to be brought. Prison.

“I appealed to the Court of Appeal because I did not agree with the court's decision to sentence me to life. I ask the court to reduce my sentence. ”

Pen Sarath, the prosecutor's representative, concluded that the accused had already confessed to the error and, in fact, the factual record was consistent with the confession. Of the accused. But the accused requested a reduced sentence, so consider the council.

“The provincial court has properly convicted the accused and I would like to ask the council to consider and consider,” he said.

Nou Chantha, a lawyer for the defendants, concludes that his client has admitted that he was actually involved in the victim's death, but he did not. Not a spoiler. Sok Chan was the perpetrator, and his client, after examining the properties, had seen only the second grade and there is no clear evidence that That his client killed the victim.

“If he had anything to do with the victim, he would not have taken the property. I would like to ask the Trial Chamber to reconsider the allegations of theft, aggravating circumstances, and death. ”

After the trial, Presiding Judge Sin Visal said the verdict was announced on March 29.