Kampong Thom Province: KASING CO., LTD in collaboration with Korean investor I LAON D&C Co., LTD has developed agro-tourism areas on more than 500 hectares in the district. Prasat Sambo to promote agriculture and contribute to sustainable socio-economic development.

Chairman of the Board of Directors of KASING CO (.LTD), Mr. Hang Sothy, said that the new agro-tourism area is planned to be an agricultural tourism. There may be a tour in early 2021 to bring local tourists to visit and visit other plantations. Of the people as well as the community.

Mr. Sothy said: "Local tourists, we can visit the agro-tourism area and connect with the visit to the plantations of the people living in the area. That more to see who can grow what. We bring them as tourists to see and buy directly.

According to Mr. Sothy, the main purpose of the agro-tourism area is to respond to local tourists who visit Visit Sambor Prei Kuk temple area, Phnom Santuk area, Thnou Ta Prohm waterfall and other areas in Kampong Thom province. Buy fruits or vegetables to take home.

According to Mr. Sothy, the project, which focuses on agriculture and agro-tourism, will grow a number of crops such as mango, coconut, corn, soybeans and establish a fertilizer factory and processing plant Mangoes create tourism areas to promote agriculture and promote the processing of agricultural products into finished products to meet domestic demand and Can lead to exports and help increase employment for local people to avoid migration.

Mr. Sothy confirmed that I LAON D&C Co., LTD of Korean investors plans to spend $ 30 million to build a fertilizer factory and mango processing plant. Construction will begin at the end of 2021.

“We have been cultivating for more than three years and some of this project we are studying and some of us are Prepared. As for the tourism sector, we are now setting up tents and boat rides, which can be launched gradually at the beginning of the year. New coming.

The director of Kampong Thom Provincial Department of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries, Mr. Pen Vanrith, expressed support for investment in agriculture from private companies. He hopes that when the agro-tourism project works, it will be easier for people to have jobs and earn more income.

"We support the establishment of agro-tourism to attract tourists and let them know about the growth of the sector," he said. Agriculture in the province as well. "The other is for people to be able to earn extra income through work or grow their own."

Mr. Sok Ratha, Coordinator of ADHOC in Kampong Thom province, thinks that participating in agricultural development is a good thing because Cambodia is a country that focuses on Agriculture is the core, but at present, according to practical observations, the development of Cambodia's agricultural sector is still limited compared to other sectors. Some more.

"The involvement of the private sector, as well as any community or organization that works in the agricultural sector, I understand. It is good to cultivate and raise animals to supply locally and develop at the village, district level, but more importantly, how to develop Let the people in that area be satisfied. ”