Ratanakkiri – A car accident caused a man to crashLost life on the spot. The accident occurred in Wong village, Kansan commune, Vorn Sai district, Ratanakiri province at 6:30 am on 6 May. 2020

A traffic accident between the ice truck and the motorbike in the opposite direction resulted in the sudden death of one person at the scene, authorities reported.

The victim, named Sud Ding, is a 22-year-old Lao-Khmer resident of Pong village, Pong commune, Vorn Sai district, Ratanakiri province. The unidentified driver of the vehicle escaped, irresponsible.

At the scene of the crash, the driver of the high-speed vehicle also caused the crash of the victim's motorcycle.

After the incident, professional forces arrived on the scene and recorded the procedure for handing over the body to the family for a traditional funeral. The car and motorbike were taken to the Vernay district police headquarters to comply with the procedure. By: Sokhom