Koh Kong Provincial Police Office on January 22, 2020 According to letter No. 016 of the Anti-Human Trafficking and Juvenile Protection Department, the special forces of the Koh Kong Police Department are investigating the two boys who It is hoped that the mother, who was brought from Malaysia to Cambodia, is staying in Koh Kong province.

After receiving the message, HE Gen. Sam Kith Vien, Provincial Police Commissariat, came to the office of the Anti-Human Trafficking and Juvenile Protection Bureau. Saliha Binti Salleh's mother and two boys are: Muhammad Paqih Fidin Bin Mahama Amza, 3 years old. 2. Muhammad Umer Alhaliz Bin Mahamad Amzar is 4 years old. They were brought to their grandparents' house in village 4, Dang Tung commune, Khemarak Phoumint City, Koh Kong province.

When the cops called and asked the mother, both boys clarified that they were Cambodian Muslims. Malaysia with their parents since the age of 4 because they went there until 2015, they married a man A Malaysian named Aziz Age 8 years old, resident of Beijing, Malaysia, living together for 5 years, 3 children, 1 husband, 1 husband Stay and go away. When you come back to the fight, you and your child will be drawn to the sword. Myself and baby go out of the room and not Meet your parents
They also sued Malaysian authorities, but they did not settle because they were immigrants.

Having endured such a failure, he brought his two sons to Cambodia, requesting that our authority be You don't want to go back to Malaysia and live in Cambodia and do not file a complaint at all. By: Kolab