Stung Treng: A truck hit a motorbike full of cars A military officer was killed on the Cambodian-Lao border and his son died on the spot. The accident happened on the evening of January 4, 2020, at the top of house 10 on National Road 7A in the village of Kolo. 8 Stung Treng town, Samaki commune.

The victim, named Champa, 28, a father and son, Vann Virak, 3, who currently lives in Sdao Village, Sdov Saksan commune, Stung Treng province, visited his father's house. In the village of Khumban village, Stung Treng town, Stung Treng province, when a motorbike returned home, a car collided with a collision. A. It happened only once. The red Nissan Vans bearing the license plate number 2AD 0463 and the Honda Dream Drive wearing the black Stung Treng 1C 1281 badge were seized by traffic police for action. By law.

The victim traveled to Tammoto for the couple, their father and son, in a bid to bring the child to the wife in Sdao commune, Sesan district. He had to go to the military barracks between the Borei Puri Senorja, but unfortunately he was hit by a car crash. Posted by: Intellectual