Phnom Penh: A Cambodian doctor says that a Cambodian doctor has been infected A Vietnamese-based worker was booked at a hospital in Hanoi on suspicion of having a positive C OVID-19.

The CDC on March 10 announced that a social media post about a Cambodian doctor was posted to the hospital. In Hanoi, the information obtained was: "He is a Cambodian doctor working in Vietnam (Hanoi), his specialist in ENT, he treated patients confirmed with COVID-19 .he is Quaratin at. hospital in HN “.

He is a Vietnam doctor who works in Vietnam and he specializes in ear, nose and throat disease. The patient was confirmed positive for C OVID-19 and was required to be quarantined at Hanover City Hospital. So he is not a doctor at a Khmer hospital and living in Cambodia, and now he does not have a positive COVID-19 Only ៕ By: Columbus