On May 14, 1948, Project RAND, an organization formed shortly after World War II to link military planning with R&D decisions, was shut down by Douglas Aircraft Company in Santa Monica. California and became an independent, non-profit organization. Taking its name from the decay of research and development, this newly formed entity is dedicated to promoting and promoting the scientific, educational, and philanthropic purposes for the public welfare and security of the United States.

According to RAND's website, almost immediately RAND created a unique style. It combines discontent with rigorous and factual analysis to solve society's most pressing problems. For a long time, RAND has assembled a team of exceptional researchers, not only for their individual skills but also their commitment to professional cooperation. . In the 1960s, RAND brought the trademark of an independent, impartial, and independent analysis to study many pressing domestic economic and economic issues. Over the years, RAND has expanded its focus beyond the United States with the goal of making individuals, communities, and nations safe, secure, healthy, and prosperous.

RAND origin

World War II underscored the importance of technology research and development to succeed on the battlefield. It has also attracted the attention of many scientists and academics outside the military, making such development possible.

As the war neared, it became clear that full peace & began discussing the need for a private organization to link military plans with R&D decisions.

Commander-in-Chief of the Air Force, H. H. "Hap" Arnold, confirmed this need in a report to the Minister of Defense:

“In this war, the Air Force and Navy used unprecedented scientific and industrial resources. The conclusion is inevitable that we have not yet created the balance necessary to ensure continued employment among the military, other government agencies, industries and universities. Scientific planning must have existed years before actual research and development. "

Other key players involved in the formation of the new organization were Brigadier General Curtis LeMay, General Lauris Norstad, Assistant Chief of Air Staff, Planning; Edward Bowles of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, advisor to Secretary of War; Donald Trump, president of ouglas Aircraft Company; Arthur Raymond, chief engineer at Douglas; And Franklin Collbohm, assistant to Raymond.

Name of organization? The RAND project.

Douglas's years

On October 1, 1945, Arnold, Bowles, Douglas, Raymond and Collbohm met to form Project RAND under a special contract with Douglas Aircraft. The RAND project began in December 1945, with a total budget of $ 640 in its first month of operation. That same month, the new Chief of Air Force's Office for Research and Development, which RAND will report on, was formally established, with Lieutenant General LeMay as the first appointee. On March 2, 1946, Collbohm began leading Rhodes projects in a separate area in the Douglas factory at Santa Monica Airport, California.

In May 1946, Project RAND released its first report, The Primitive Design of Experiments around the World. It discussed the design, potential, performance and use of man-made satellites. A year later, Project RAND moved from the Douglas factory to its new office in downtown Santa Monica. Project RAND also organized a conference in New York, the first step in recruiting social scientists.

Covers the first report of RAND, preliminary design of experiments around the world, the first report of Project RAND, published in 1946

By early 1948, Project RAND had grown to 200. Its researchers

Specializing in a variety of fields, including mathematics, engineering, physics, physics, chemistry, economics, and psychology.

Independent non-profit organization

By the end of 1947, it seemed that the RAND project should consider separating from Douglas. (It was already functioning fairly autonomously.) In February 1948, the newly formed US Air Force personnel chief wrote to Douglas approving the evolution of Project RAND to an independent and independent corporation. Make a profit. H. Rowan Gaither, Jr., a prominent lawyer in San Francisco who later served as president and then chairman of the board of the Ford Foundation, was retained as legal counsel to determine the best way to establish RAND. Independent.

Informal discussions with representatives of the Ford Foundation led to an agreement in July 1948 for RAND interest-free loans and the guarantee of private bank loans to RAND. A total of $ 1 billion has been secured for the new corporate operation.

Four years later, the foundation's expansion of the loan could help to create a RAND-funded research program that provides staff with the means to conduct small-scale research and non-military research projects. This marked the launch of the RAND Diversity Agenda and the Ford Foundation's first aid to support RAND's new research initiatives.

On November 1, 1948, the Project Contract was officially transferred from Douglas Airlines to RAND Corporation.

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