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Kandal province: A boy has died after taking a shovel, according to preliminary reports. The fire broke out in the gas tank, causing the explosion to take place at 11:15 am on the 25th. January 2020, in front of the house, Hutari is located in Por village Chanthabrei Commune, Tral Slas Commune, Clean District, Kandal Province.

The victim, identified as Panda Daaro, an 8-year-old male, was identified as Hua Phanna, 37, the report said. And Srey Touch, 34 years old. And after the incident, the police went to check: 1 200 liter red gas tank with 2 buttocks – 1 gas valve and 3 popcorn boxes.

According to witnesses, before the incident at 7 am on the 25th, Hua Phanna was the father of the boy. The victim brought her to visit her home named Hutari (sister) in Por Kroo village, Tras Sla commune, S'ang district. By 9:00 the father had returned home, leaving the boy alone to play with his injured sister Mother, boy, victim.

"It was not until 11:15 am that a sudden explosion sounded like a sudden explosion in Washington," the source said. Houry ran, and suddenly saw her nephew lying on the ground with bloody wounds on her face. He was taken to Takhmao Hospital for Victory, but it was too late He lost his nephew and sent him home.

According to witness Morn Manor, a 5-year-old male in Po Krom village, Trang Sla commune, Sa'ang district, a playmate, told The victim's father said he first saw Panna Daro (the victim's boy) riding a bicycle to buy a shovel at home Nam, and the firearm was put in a gas tank. But the jar was not immediately exploded, so Phan Nandaro walked over to look at the gas tank. Landmine explodes and the victim's boy climbs to the roof of Um Sithu's home, causing the child to be harmed. He collapsed on the ground, bleed and died.

The boy's body has now been taken to a traditional holiday. (Edited by: Bopha)