Stung Treng: A beautiful Khmer-Cambodian hybrid girl Decided to take the pill. The incident took place in La Kha Village, Thmor Keo Commune, Siem Pang District, at 6:30 pm on 12 June 2020.

Khun Veasna, chief of Thmar Keo commune police, said on the morning of June 13 that the 17-year-old girl, intent on taking her own life, had taken her own life. The drug she decided to swallow was not a poison, it was only a remedy for her pain. The faint-hearted family was taken to the district health center and will receive police intervention and a referral to Stung Treng referral hospital for treatment. Recover.

The reason why the young woman thought to take the pill in her attempt to kill herself was because of a dispute. With you. Because her sister wore her necklace without telling her that she was so angry that she got into a fight to take the medicine. The victim was pronounced dead within 15 minutes and was taken to a health center.

Khun Veasna confirmed on June 13 that the girl who had taken the medicine to Thmor Keo commune, who had been sent to the hospital, was recovering from the accident. Already
By: Sokhom