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Phnom Penh: A suspect is a male hairdresser, but he is being hailed by a judge
A first-time farewell to a Koh Kong driver who crashed into a car on the spot after a suspect dropped his wallet inside. More than $ 6,000.

However, at this time the young judge did not know that the suspect who was carrying his bag was a woman. As a male.

The incident triggered an alarm around 2:40 pm on July 8, 2020, south of the cafeteria Sok Hok on Phnom Penh-Hanoi Road in Factory Village, Sangkat Kokkrang, Sen Sok District.

The suspect, identified as 30-year-old Say Kimny, but haircut, made a living at 27th Street. No 236, Sen Sok Village, Khnach Khnang Commune, Sen Sok District, Phnom Penh Escape.

Kong Khemara, who is about 40 years old, said he was a judge at Koh Kong Provincial Court. White Gender Plaid Plates, Phnom Penh 2AF-7006.

According to the report, the woman suspected of riding the Honda Honda 2019 motorbike Phnom Penh 1HO-2546 from north to south at speed. Fast and slow, a pair of hail drives are behind. When it reached the top of the road, it was hit by a full truck, causing it to collapse on the road. Once.

In the incident, the motorcycle was hit by a bullet on the sidewalk. Suddenly a wallet was dropped off the road and the owner of the car went back to pick it up.

The owner of the car, who claimed he was a judge at Koh Kong Provincial Court, said he had no intention of hitting the suspect to death. That. Before the incident, he drove to a haircut on Street 1011 in Pong Peay village, Phnom Penh Thmey commune, Sen Sok district. As he got out of the car with his wallet in hand, the suspect took the bag and fled.

Immediately, he was driving in pursuit of a motorbike, when he arrived at the top of a motorbike. The brakes slowed down and he was hit by a car, causing the suspect to die.

According to the man who claimed to be the judge, his purse was worth more than 6,000 Dollars. After the incident, the judge was taken to the Sen Sok district police station to inspect the case.

Video footage of a burglar getting hit by a car on judge's property

A Koh Kong judge driving a car into a hit-and-run vehicle has killed a woman

It should be recalled that at 12:10 pm, on 12 August 2018, the Chamkar Morn police arrested a detainee. A Chinese woman, YUAN TANG, a 26-year-old man, was involved in a car accident that killed two suspects in a car crash. Her cellphone, which left one suspect dead and seriously injured, was located at the corner of 123th Street 456 (in front of the house). 54) Group 22 Village 4, Sangkat Toul Tompong 1, Khan Chamkarmon, Phnom Penh.

The two thieves, Sarun Piseth and Beth Sophea David, were riding a motorbike together. In front of the incident, a Chinese woman and a friend stopped the car talking on the front left glass and the name of Sarun Piseth and Be Sophea Wit also took action to seize a Chinese mobile phone, Yuan Tang, and then drove off on his motorcycle. Immediately, the woman, Yuan Tang, the owner of the phone, drove her car into the back of the motorcycle and collapsed near the wall. # 39, Street 123, corner of 456, seriously injured, sent to emergency hospital at Khmer Friendship Hospital Soviets at 2:50 pm Sunday, August 13, 2018 Phone caller Beth Sopheath died at 2 pm Hospital.

On the evening of August 16, 2018, Phnom Penh Municipal Court investigating judge Theam Chant Piseth detained a Chinese woman driving a car. Cell phone hacking causes temporary death and injury in PJ jail According to Ms. Vantha, the deputy prosecutor of the Phnom Penh Municipal Court, 3 offenses 1. The intentional violence is aggravated by Article 218, 2nd: Intentional violence carries the aggravating circumstance of death under Article 224 of the Penal Code and 3. Driving Without a permit, the 75-year-old traffic law could then carry jail terms of between nine and 20 years.

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