Prey Veng Province: Two men who have just returned from Indonesia and were brought to perform martial arts in In Hun Sen High School, Kampong Leav, Prey Veng City, since July 23, they suddenly escaped, causing the authorities in Prey Veng province was amazed and went out to search all night.

However, 6 hours later, the police found and brought the two back to the center. Back. Mr. Chantha, Deputy Governor of Prey Veng Province, said that the two men who escaped were: Komsat Visay, 21 years old, and Second, John Komsan, 32 years old, both of them live in Boeung Chor village, Prey Toeng commune, Sithor Kandal district, Prey Veng province. The two had just returned from Indonesia to Cambodia on July 23 and were sent to the center. Tali Sak, Hun Sen High School, Kampong Leav, on the same night.

The deputy governor added that in the Chattalysak district, the two men were taken away by professional officers. Already checked in Phnom Penh 3 times, on July 23, July 26 and July 29, and the result is negative According to the plan, on August 6, the doctors will take the sputum of the two people to check again, but did not expect that At 4 pm on August 3, while the sky was preparing for rain, the two of them ran away from the factory. Sak was shocked.

Mr. Chantha confirmed to reporters that after learning that the two men had fled the scene. Immediately, Mr. Chea Somethy, Governor of Prey Veng Province, ordered all relevant authorities to search for you. Both immediately and 6 hours later, the police found the two men at their home in Prey Toeng commune, Si district The Central Bank also brought the two of them back to the Chattalysak Center overnight.

At the same time, those involved with the two men as they ran away, including relatives, friends and a motodup Transporting them home will be collected to make all the chariots on the morning of August 4.