Phnom Penh: Some 5,000 drivers or tuk-tuk drivers in Phnom Penh have recently received gift packages for hygiene equipment in Phnom Penh to help them better participate. Their important role in the fight against the coronavirus or Kov-19 virus.

The donation event under the concept "One Country, One Community" was organized by Grab and Cambodia Beverage Company (Coca-Cola) in cooperation with the Capital Hall represented by the Deputy Governor and the team. Baitong Warriors Green Forest Conservationist.

At Koh Pich Center, Mr. Noun Pharaoth, Deputy Governor of Phnom Penh City and representatives from Cambodia Beverage Company (Coca-Cola) distributed tuk tuk drivers with a package of hygiene kits, one of which includes protective masks. Coca-Cola Energy hand sanitizer offers many KW-19 educational stickers and stickers for their tricycle.

At the same time, Grab's team set up a place to give gifts in front of its office on Monivong Street, Phnom Penh, to hand over the gift package.

Hashim Alkaff, Director of Grab Cambodia, said: “These gifts are a demonstration of our recognition of the important role that drivers play in the many different drivers in the fight against viruses. Kovid-19. In order to maintain their own health and the health of their passengers, it is important that drivers follow the latest health and safety guidelines by using protective masks and hand sanitizers "Helping them maintain cleanliness is crucial to reducing the spread of the disease."

Also, Cambodia Beverage Company (Coca-Cola) announced last week that it has diverted US $ 200,000 from its advertising budget to help Cambodia fight the crisis. Coronary disease today.

Ros Sophea, country director of legal and public affairs at Coca-Cola, said: “Our company has been a part of Cambodian society for almost 30 years and our basic attitude is We support the community at a critical stage through such donations. "Providing drivers the ability to continue to do business safely through the use of masks and hand sanitizers means they can continue to earn money to support their families and communities."

"We are also committed to follow the 'world without a garbage' campaign by encouraging drivers to use reusable bottles to wash their hands."

Green Forest rangers, who have been participating in efforts to prevent the worldwide outbreak of Corona virus, have also donated 420 liters of hand sanitizer to the donation program.

Tan Kim Sour, a representative for the Greenland Wildlife Conservation Society, said: “As a group, Green Vergers is taking care of this simple but effective hand sanitizer for people. We are all over the country to help them stay safe and healthy by keeping their hands clean Integrity.

“We would like to thank Grab Company, Coca-Cola and Green Vergers for their contribution to the safety and well-being of the tuk-tuk drivers,” said Nuon Piroth, Deputy Governor. "It is at the forefront of the fight against the coronavirus."

"Encouraging all drivers to practice good hygiene will give the passengers and their families a sense of calm as all the drivers are protecting their members." Their families and their communities. "

Both Grab and Coca-Cola have confirmed that they will be hosting more donation events in the near future, as the two companies join forces with other partners to prevent the coronavirus infection.